KS1 Foundation Subject Learning

We use the National Curriculum as the foundation for our curriculum development and learning. Staff follow a yearly ‘skeleton’ overview for all subjects and this is then broken down into termly and half term plans which give a detailed picture of what is to be covered and in how much depth.

The pupils start a new ‘theme’ each term and this is introduced through a Key Question which is used as the starting point and ‘hook in’ for learning.   The pupils complete a ‘What do I Know’ sheet with the teacher based on the new theme introduced.

Within the ‘themed’ work, the start of each half term sees the pupils reviewing previous ‘knowledge’ gained and completing a new ‘What do I Know’ sheet which forms the start of further learning.  This allows for staff to be able to plan according to the pupil’s knowledge and understanding from the previous half term and to identify key skills and any gaps that need to be taught during the next half term. 

We expect that our pupils will:

  • Know and understand that questioning and challenge are powerful tools for learning.
  • Apply knowledge of questions and challenge in every learning context.



Educational visits and visitors are an important part of this learning.  Overall there is a degree of ‘cultural deprivation’ within our school community and the themes are specifically chosen to broaden the pupil’s experiences of life.  Term one always begins with learning related to the local context (All about Me, Pontefract Castle and Coalmining).  Term two begins to broaden the pupil’s experiences about the wider world but still links the locality and term 3 introduces the wider world.


Themed Links:

Although themes may have a different main subject focus, staff understand the need to ensure continuity and that each term the pupils are building on previous learning and knowledge, adding new skills and as active learners developing their ability to question and become independent learners.  In addition, some subjects are mostly taught discretely such as Music, Computing, RE and P.E.  We also recognise that at times our  themes may not allow for in depth learning in all parts of a subject so for this reason staff plan for discrete units of work when required.

Please see attached yearly overviews and skill progression documents.