Reading, Phonics and RWI

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                                                                                   Reading, Phonics and RWI

Phase 1 Letters and Sounds is taught daily in Nursery.  Read, Write, Inc., a systematic phonics programme, is taught daily in Reception until the children have completed the programme in Year 2.  When the programme is completed, Year 2 children are taught SPAG.

The school gives high priority to reading, our children are exposed to a range of quality texts, and there are areas around school where children are encouraged to enjoy reading for pleasure.  All children take home a library book weekly.  When children are able to blend they also take home a phonically decodable book that matches their Read, Write, Inc. band.  Once a child has completed the Read, Write, Inc. programme, they select a book from the appropriate book band.  All children read during Read, Write, Inc. sessions and are heard read at least once a week by a member of staff

In Years 1 and 2 children have guided reading sessions three times a week with a focus on comprehension.  Children are asked to answer questions from the five reading domains.

Quality story sessions are timetabled in daily and there is an emphasis on developing a love of books, vocabulary and understanding.