Teaching And Learning

At Common Road we structure our learning in an innovative and child centered way.  With principles set in the early years, the whole school builds on experiences and opportunities from the whole curriculum and draws on these to support cross curricular links between subjects.

Please read our list of CERTAINTIES in the attachment section.  This underpins our teaching and learning policies throughout school.


In Early Years, the child is the centre of the whole teaching, learning and assessment process:


In KS1 we currently have 4 classes (2 Y1 & 2 Y2).  Teachers use the Essentials Curriculum via topics (see long term plan in attachments: curriculum), Blooms Taxonomy, the 5R's (Respect, Resilience, Relationships, Risk-Taking & Reflectiveness) along with the SEAL (Social, Emotional, Aspects of Learning), the Primary Curriculum and Interim Frameworks (Year 2) to plan a vibrant curriculum.  We use 'Brilliant Beginnings', 'Sparkling Starts' and 'Awesome Endings' as a structure this learning.  For example, at the start of a topic children will be asked to complete a home learning challenge (make a model from a box) this is the 'Brilliant Beginninng', teachers then receive this learning with a 'Sparkling Start' in class, such as introducing the new text 'On Sudden Hill' and the 'Awesome Ending' would be the outcome of the learnin; a story.